Jennifer Scott Named Power Player by NC Lawyers Weekly

Jennifer Scott is a busy attorney. As a special counsel at Shipman & Wright of Wilmington, she represents developers and contractors, Realtors and real estate firms, and association boards, property managers, brokers, and agencies.

Scott is a dual-certified real property specialist. She has served on the N.C. Bar Association Zoning, Planning and land Use Council, the N.C. Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Authority, and the Research Triangle Regional Partnership.

She sits on the NC State Banking Commission and recently became full time in-house counsel to The Windjam Companies, a real estate development company with a presence in the Triangle and throughout eastern North

A graduate of UNC-CH, Scott has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. She continued her education at UNC where she earned her law degree. She has a graduate banking degree and executive leadership certification from The Wharton School of Business.

Scott counts among her top career successes raising a family while pursuing addition- al education and credentials. She has also successfully followed her career's winding path.

"I have transitioned from private practice to in-house counsel twice now, requiring a shift of focus and skills," she said. "I closed my practice during a difficult time in my family, went in-house with a publicly traded bank and worked through an adult extension program to get my banking finance and executive leadership credentials from The Wharton School."

She credits her responsiveness to clients among the characteristics that make her a successful attorney. She also believes her ability to help clients shift their perspectives often leads to the best results and superior client satisfaction.

"Whether it's a straight negotiation or a complex conflict, guiding my clients to think about things in a different way, dispense with their bias about the other players involved or the subject matter, and help them be creative about outcomes, helps get deals done and resolve disputes to the benefit of their physical/mental and fiscal health," she said.



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